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The IKON building is Kingspan's new global innovation centre. The 1,950m2 futuristic building is a showcase for Kingspan products and systems. The IKON building is a living research project with IoT devices fitted throughout the building, continuously monitoring all aspects of the building's performance. This information is analysed against a state-of-the-art Digital Twin which was created during the build process and has been expanded to an operating twin that allows for real time data collection. This information is used to help improve and develop Kingspan's products for buildings of the future. The building has been certified LEED Gold, meaning that the design and construction demonstrate exceptionally high standards in terms of sustainability, energy use and innovation. The IKON Innovation Centre is the only office building, outside Ireland’s cities and major towns, that has achieved "Gold" certification to the latest version of LEED.

Kingspan IKON Building, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan


Kingspan IKON Building, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan
Year Completed
Niall Smith Architects
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